Reshape your body with results-focused weight loss training that fits your life

My unique weight-loss programme changes your body composition by building lean muscle and reducing fat to change your body for good!

  • Motivation
  • Training
  • Advice
  • No pressure
  • More than 27 years experience

Reduce your body fat and get a feminine silhouette with lean muscles in just a few weeks!

Sandra's tailored programme burns fat and builds muscle, creating a beautiful, natural body shape that will last a lifetime. Unlike crash diets, which can cause muscle loss and slow your metabolism, this tailored training adds lean muscle to raise your metabolism so you burn more calories all day long.

Sandra works with you to permanently change your body shape. Forget yo-yo dieting. You will lose weight, and keep it off, thanks to a proven combination of endurance training, muscle strengthening, and nutrition management.

A fitness professional for more than 27 years, Sandra specialises in the female form. Every women is different so every training plan is different. She takes into account individual body type and proportion, and designs each programme with precise exercises to achieve the results you want. Her special tummy training technique flattens the belly and contours the waist. She helps you transfrom your body by targeting problem areas like the upper arm, inner thighs, and butt with exercises that burn fat, tone and tighten.

The most important is that you feel good about your body, regardless of weight! Training with Sandra, you will discover your inner strength and flexibility. Beauty ultimately comes from the inside. The self-esteem and confidence you gain from good health will shine through.

Sandra is with you every step of the way with holistic training.

The programme includes:

  • Analysis to plan your individual training
  • Before and After measurements such as: body fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, quality of muscles, body composition index, bone mass, metabolic age, metabolic rate at rest/ daily calorie intake, body water percentage, BMI, weight, thigh, arm, and belly circumference
  • Before and After pictures so you can see the difference in your weight, shape and posture
  • Personalised training plan including detailed exercises and a video so you can continue your fitness program any time, anywhere
  • Nutrition advice
  • Nutritional analysis based on your food diary
  • Unlimited access to Sandra for any and all questions you may have

"It is unbelievable to see how the body can change in just four weeks.
In this short period the circumference of the tummy reduces several centimeters and the waist reshapes. You can see how important is training for weight loss and the enormous influence it has on our bodies. A crash diet can reduce your weight, but only training can form your figure.
Fitness training helps you avoid the pitfalls of dieting, such as the dreaded plateau, where weight-loss slows down and your body looks for equilibrium. You will learn to push through to achieve your optimum weight without starving yourself or damiging your metabolism. The sad fact is, people who crash diet often gain more weight afterwards, due to slowing their metabolic rate."

Long term training or holiday
weight-loss kickstart

Sandra offers both long-term weight-loss programmes and fast-acting holiday plans. An active holiday is a great kickstart for weight-loss and a healthy lifestyle. Whatever your needs or availability, Sandra adapts the programme to your holidays.

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