Step Aerobic

A super-effective step in the right direction

Sandra’s step aerobics classes provide power endurance training via uplifting music and energizing choreography. Step is a fitness favourite because it is a total body workout with a whole range of benefits. It is a fast, effective fat burner that is perfect for weight loss. The combination of traditional step movements with targeted exercises tones, strengths and reshapes your body with a special focus on tummy, butt and arms. Step also gives you an endorphin boost that will lift your mood and enhance your wellbeing. In the space of a single class you improve your streangth, coordination, balance and cardiovascular system.

Whether you're a step veteran or brand new, you'll find classes fun and challenging. We create choreography step-by-step in class and repeat it in subsequent sessions, adding new steps and moves so you are always learning and having fun.

Tip: Wear Piloxing gloves to make your training more intense and get results even faster!