Power and grace at your fingertips

Piloxing is a fitness technique that has taken Hollywood by a storm. Created by Swedish ex-ballet dancer and fitness expert Viveca Jensen, it combines Pilates and boxing for an intense functional workout that develops lean, strong muscle.

In Piloxing class you wear 250g gloves that make every move more effective. At first you hardly notice, but soon you feel it! Training with light weights is the fast way to get slim, sleek, firm arms and lose those bingo wings. Unlike traditional weightlifting it won't pump you up so you don't have to worry about getting bulky, masculine-looking arms.

Piloxing is a great cardio workout that revs up your metabolism to burn fat and calories. You work your whole body with standing Pilates exercises to strengthen, tone, and improve your balance and posture. It even trains your pelvic floor muscles, making this a terrific workout for mamas.

Piloxing builds strength, confidence and grace. Put on the gloves and discover your inner power!