This training is perfect for Ibiza’s hot summer! Who doesn’t love it during the hot summer and what better way to train than in water! Aquatraining is a fantastic cardio training workout which also strengthens and tones your muscles. Stay cool as you work out and enjoy the many benefits of training in water which include increased blood circulation and an increased metabolism which helps to detox the body. Every movement in the water massages, tones and strengthens the cellular connective tissue of your body. Aquatrainig gives you a total body workout and is great fun too!


Aqua fitness – getting energy out of the water

by Sandra Albuschat

New trends are always a hot topic – especially in the sport world. There is so many new ways to exercise these days, and plenty of self-appointed professionals inventing new variations marketed to help you stay slim and beautiful. There is no end to some of the fads that are sold as sport but some of it is very ineffective and may even end up causing physical damage, however, there are sometimesvery positive new developments in the world of fitness too. One of the best of these ones comes from the USA and it’s training in the water. This really is an ideal training method for people of every age and level of fitness, including those with physical problems. Training in the water – the physical advantages are really worth emphasising:

Aqua sport is a targeted form of fitness training that uses the unique properties of water to tone the body. The water´s lifting force takes a lot of the pressure off the body – in particular the spine and joints. It is easy to make tendons more supple and joints more mobile when training in the water, which is why this form of therapy is also used in the treatment of arthritic conditions. Water´s lifting force makes it easier to move upwards and reduces the impact of downwards movements. This opens up whole new possibilities for older people who can run and even hop under water; movements which they would no longer be able to make on land.

Water pressure (hydrostatic pressure) generates an increase in blood flow from the vascular system into the bloodstream.

The reverse flow of blood from the veins to the heart is increased. The heartbeat becomes stronger, slower and more efficient. Hydrostatic pressure also strengthens the muscles used for breathing and improves overall lung capacity. Water resistance results from the higher density of water as compared to air and is used to help train all of the major muscle groups.

As you move your body under water, your muscles are not constantly under strain. Instead, they are continuously tightened and relaxed. The water flowing around the body has the effect of a natural massage that increases circulation to the muscles, helping the body to recover more quickly and combating cellulite!

Deep water running with the help of a flotation belt puts even less pressure on the joints. You are basically floating in mid water without your feet ever touching the ground. You can opt for more intensive arm workout by wearing special swim skins (a type of underwater glow). The aim is not to get from A to B as quickly as possible. After all, you are vertical in the water. The main objective is to move as much as possible! People who want to focus on improving their performance will find that this method not only boosts their basic endurance, it will also give them the intensive workout that they are looking for.