Personal Training Ibiza

by Sandra Albuschat

German-born, Ibiza-based expert personal trainer to the stars Sandra Albuschat has a proven track record for achieving outstanding results. Her bespoke and personal services are endorsed by Germany’s number one celebrity Personal Trainer Jennifer Wade and she holds the accolade of licensed trainer of the Qualified Personal Training® method, meaning you can rest assured you are working with the best. Having studied at Germany’s most prestigious sports school, trained VIP clients at a world-leading spa, and assisted a string of celebrities in getting into perfect shape, Sandra has been personal training since 2000 and now helps a range of clients in Ibiza to identify and achieve their fitness goals.

With Sandra you know that you are in safe hands and on target for seeing amazing results in a fast and fun way!

Qualified Personal Training® Bespoke training – outstanding results

Sandra is a fully-licensed Qualified Personal Trainer®.

The Qualified Personal Training® method was developed by celebrity Personal Trainer Jennifer Wade and is a fully bespoke training style that focuses on your personal fitness needs. With the clear goals of improving your health, general wellbeing, and getting you into the best possible shape, the QPT method applied under Sandra’s expert guidance provides you with a slick physical exercise program that is guaranteed to help you to reach your goal as quickly as possible. Sandra knows how to execute and test each and every move so you get maximum benefit from your workout and will never do yourself any harm.

Do it right!

An exercise is only effective when you are training the right muscle in the right way. Sandra helps you develop awareness of where the tension is in your body and learn to relax the muscles which are causing the tension. The repetition of incorrect movements in your daily life can lead to many problems. QPT® is a precise and highly effective training method and its dedicated application ensures that any incorrect movements are corrected. Sandra will also encourage you to go that bit further- when appropriate- so you really achieve your best. With QPT® not only will you achieve your personal objectives, you will also gain vitality. Where applicable Sandra also uses the QPT® to alleviate and provide assistance and relief from back pain and knee, hip or shoulder problems.

Advantages For You: 

  • Weight Control Nutrition recommendations and tips
  • Sandra’s guidance on the exact movements during training
  • Motivational support, by email or whats app
  • Individual and personalised workouts
  • Reassurance that you are training correctly
  • Stress management and relaxation

See results, fast, with Qualified Personal Training® delivered by Sandra Albuschat.

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