Mama Fitness Ibiza

Sandra’s special program for expectant and new mums, Mama Fitness Ibiza, is based on her own personal experience of becoming and being a mum, and the successful and popular plan has received glowing reviews. This training program is tailored to the needs of each and every pregnant woman or new mum on individual basis, and created using Sandra’s wealth of experience and expertise. All exercises are variable depending on the individual’s fitness level and any other considerations that Sandra needs to take into account, so that you can be sure you will receive the perfect Mama Fitness plan for your individual requirements.

Prenatal workouts

Light and easy!

Sandra’s pregnancy and prenatal training classes help to keep your muscles, joints and deep tissue strong and elastic. Exercise also has a positive impact on your metabolism and immune system and can help to keep you feeling cheerful and calm during this special time.

You’ll also learn special breathing exercises for releasing tension and connecting consciously with your baby.

The reward for you: a positive and calm attitude For baby: a healthy start in life exercising safely during pregnancy can also help to reduce or eliminate back pain, water retention, post natal incontinence, stretch marks, spider veins and varicose veins.


Postnatal workouts

Get back into shape!

Sandra’s efficient, targeted workouts make it so much easier to get your figure back after your baby is born. The main focus at the beginning is to train the pelvic floor and tummy muscles, then we proceed to full body training enabling you to spring back into your natural shape, fast!

As well as being guided safely through the fantastic exercise program you’ll learn Sandra’s own special techniques and tips, and will soon be enjoying feeling fit and healthy as a happy and energetic new mum!

…and the best news is that babies are welcome to come along to the sessions, if you can’t find childcare or simply don’t want to be away from your new little one.

I am shown here 39 years old in the 34th week of pregnancy, 6 weeks before giving birth.
I felt super fit and continued training clients and giving Step-aerobic classes up to the 36th week of pregnancy with my son Ari. I continued to give Pilates and Toned and Fit classes up to 38 weeks.
Of course I could not do any tummy exercises anymore, but there were a lot of exercises I could still do without any problems, and I did a lot of exercises standing or sitting.
The birth was wonderful! I had to be induced, but I did not need an epidural. I concentrated on my breath and on relaxing my muscles during and after each contraction. It was kind of like hypnobirthing, to breathe the baby down.
After 8 hours little Ari was born! It was a wonderful life experience that I will never forget, and I would like to do it again!
I put on 8,5 kilos and had no stretch marks.
I started 2 days later with soft exercises and after 14 days I began to train my belly in a standing position.
After a few days my belly was flatter. A lot of women still look pregnant for a long time after giving birth. In the beginning of course it’s normal, but it should change after 6 weeks, and I can help you!
Take pictures, measure your tummy circumference and draw your belly in as often as possible!
In my opinion it’s nonsense that they say to wait until 6-8 weeks after to start exercising.
You can modify your exercises to your needs, energy and strength.
Your body needs movement!!!

I would love the opportunity to show you how to do it in the right way!

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