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I'm glad if you take a moment and give me some feedback about my work.
Yours Sandra

It was a pleasure, even though I realized that I should train a lot more!
Thank you for your kind patience, your encouragement and above all your highly competent guidance!
Gladly again!!!


Dear Sandra,
Thank you for a wonderful relaxing morning with great stretching exercises and a healthy wake up for a great day


My sense of balance has improved – as it also affects dancing! I love the relaxation exercises that sometimes turn into meditation. I also got to know muscles that I did not even know I had!

Marlene Hauert

I live and train in Amsterdam, but I am always happy to do sports with Sandra in Ibiza. She taught me how to do it right. She always looks very carefully and corrects. I’ve been with her since 2006 and I love it.

Joke van Es

Training and Massage very recommended! Thank you!

Rieke Dogudan

I recently became a client of Sandra’s and am thoroughly enjoying her classes. We work hard and she has a thoroughly professional and attentive focus on each of us within the class. She respects us and knows just how far to stretch us ( in every sense of the word). I feel that my smallest muscle has been given attention and that my body and mind are strengthened. Our class is made up of 60+years old women. Sandra does not patronise us and her radiant enthusiasm touches us. I leave each class with a spring in my step.

Jennifer Priestley

Sandra is an excellent trainer. For more than 8 years I have been doing regular sports with her and my back problem (Intercostal Neuralgia) has disappeared. Also, my feet have improved so much that I no longer need the small, orthopedic shoe inserts. The music that accompanies our lessons also makes you feel good. Thank you Sandra!

Petra von Lehsten

For a few years I have attending classes with Sandra, who I must say, is an amazing instructor. Her classes are not only enjoyable, they are also good for the body and mind. The classes that I attend are mainly used by teachers and after a hard day there is no better way to feel good. Sandra’s classes are exciting, full energy and also help to tone your body while clearing your mind all at the same time. I would never think twice about recommending Sandra for fitness classes whether it is on a one to one basis or group session.

Kim Clifton

For many years I have been with Sandra. For 58 years I had a bad posture. Now the muscles of my back are trained and I walk straight. I am missing Sandra`s training in Holland. Each exercise does me a lot of good. I feel well after the class and it puts me into a good mood.

Elly Jansen

I always enjoy Sandra’s workout classes, because they are varied and a total body workout done in a fun way. Sandra is an experienced and approachable teacher, who you can talk to at any time about injuries or difficulties. She then tailors a fitness programme to suit your needs. I would highly recommend Sandra, especially as her happy, caring and lively personality ensure that you will always have a great time whilst keeping fit!

Amanda Brady

Durante el embarazo Sandra me acompañó como entrenadora, guiandome y enseñandome ejercicios para mantenerme en forma y sentirme activa, a pesar del cambio en el volumen de mi cuerpo. Fue una bella experiencia que además fortaleció mi cuerpo y todo lo aprendido me ayudo en el maravilloso dia del parto, en el q nació mi hija Martina. Después del primer mes en cuanto pude inicié con Sandra el entrenamiento para la recuperación postparto y fue sorprendente la rapidez con la que mi barriga recupero su tono y firmeza. Estoy muy agradecida a Sandra, ademas de por su trayectoria y capacitacion profesional, gracias a su experiencia como mama, su conocimiento y sensibilidad a la hora de enseñar es realmente enriquecedor y de gran calidad humana. Para mi ha sido mucho mas q una entrenadora. Muchas gracias por todo.

Beatriz Yusta

Sandra was one of the best fitness experts I’ ve ever worked with. She listened to what I wanted to achieve post pregnancy and she helped me lose 7 kg in 7 weeks with the awesome programme she put in place for me! Every time I go to Ibiza, I work out with Sandra and I recommend her to everybody.

Hanieh Vidmar

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