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Get back into shape!

Sandra’s efficient, targeted workouts make it so much easier to get your figure back after your baby is born. The main focus at the beginning is to train the pelvic floor and tummy muscles, then we proceed to full body training enabling you to spring back into your natural shape, fast! As well as being guided safely through the fantastic exercise program you’ll learn Sandra’s own special techniques and tips, and will soon be enjoying feeling fit and healthy as a happy and energetic new mum! …and the best news is that babies and children are welcome to come along to the sessions, if you can’t find childcare or simply don’t want to be away from your new little one.

Every wednesday from 16:15 pm – 17:15 pm


This workout focuses on balance, centring and the flow of movement.
Whatever age or however fit we are, Pilates training strengthens our muscles, increases mobility and improves coordination.
Pilates is one method of achieving complete body training focussing primarily on the pelvic floor, stomach and back muscles.
Through this training technique you will develop a healthy connection to your body as it is always important to have good posture through exercising correctly.
Strengthening and stretching increase the flexibility of your muscles and joints without stressing them.
Your figure will be refined and your deep muscles strengthened.
You will improve your posture.

This soft training method was developed by Joseph H- Pilates.


Power and grace at your fingertips
Piloxing is a fitness technique that has taken Hollywood by a storm. Created by Swedish ex-ballet dancer and fitness expert Viveca Jensen, it combines Pilates and boxing for an intense functional workout that develops lean, strong muscle. In Piloxing class you wear 250g gloves that make every move more effective. At first you hardly notice, but soon you feel it! Training with light weights is the fast way to get slim, sleek, firm arms and lose those bingo wings. Unlike traditional weightlifting it won't pump you up so you don't have to worry about getting bulky, masculine-looking arms. Piloxing is a great cardio workout that revs up your metabolism to burn fat and calories. You work your whole body with standing Pilates exercises to strengthen, tone, and improve your balance and posture. It even trains your pelvic floor muscles, making this a terrific workout for mamas.
Piloxing builds strength, confidence and grace. Put on the gloves and discover your inner power!

Award winner 2017

Fast, flexible fitness for all
The XBT is one of the fitness sensations of the year. This simple, innovative fitness tool is a belt with two cable pulls. It takes the concept of resistance and amplifies it to create flexible personalised workout that get incredible results. The XBT delivers total body strength and cardio training. Its innovative design adjusts to each individal for optimum training at every single session, no matter your age, body type or fitness level. It is also great for mixed group sessions as it adapts to give each person the exact level of difficulty they need to challenge and improve their fitness. The XBT is ideal for weight loss and rapid body reshaping because it builds lean muscle while burning fat and calories at a high rate.

Fun, challenging, adaptable, and an amazing total body working: this is one new training style you won't want to miss!

Fit over 60

Fitness for the over 60s
The objective is to improve and maintain mental and physical strength, all the time taking into account the specific needs, requirements and individual fitness profiles within the age group. This training session starts with an energetic warm-up which is then developed into free-flowing movements. Exercises for balance, memory and coordination are linked to exercises for strength and flexibility. The class ends with time for a deeper relaxation. Stretching, breathing and different forms of relaxation enable better body awareness.Your strength increases, your figure will be refined, and you will experience relaxation and joy for the soul. The training is gentle, strengthening, precise and intense. It takes place in a familiar and beneficial environment.

Every Tuesday at 11:00 am – 12:30 pm.

Step Aerobic

A super-effective step in the right direction

Sandra’s step aerobics classes provide power endurance training via uplifting music and energizing choreography. Step is a fitness favourite because it is a total body workout with a whole range of benefits. It is a fast, effective fat burner that is perfect for weight loss. The combination of traditional step movements with targeted exercises tones, strengths and reshapes your body with a special focus on tummy, butt and arms. Step also gives you an endorphin boost that will lift your mood and enhance your wellbeing. In the space of a single class you improve your strength, coordination, balance and cardiovascular system. Whether you're a step veteran or brand new, you'll find classes fun and challenging. We create choreography step-by-step in class and repeat it in subsequent sessions, adding new steps and moves so you are always learning and having fun.

Tip: Wear Piloxing gloves to make your training more intense and get results even faster!
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