Change your body Change your mind Change your life ... with individual
fitness programs
by Sandra Albuschat
The XBT is ideal for weight loss
and rapid body reshaping because
it builds lean muscle while burning fat
and calories at a high rate.
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Aquatraining This training is perfect for Ibiza’s hot summer!
Who doesn’t love it during the hot summer and what better way to train than in water!
Stay cool as you work out and enjoy the many benefits of training in water which include increased blood
circulation and an increased metabolism which helps to detox the body.

Sandra Albuschat – Personal Training Ibiza

Change your body...change your mind...change your life...with individual fitness programmes by Sandra Albuschat. 
Let the magic of the island inspire and invigorate your fitness journey!

Fitness expert Sandra Albuschat offers personalised training at your home, in your pool, at the beach or in Ibiza's glorious countryside. Her unique sport programmes are tailored to fit your island life, whether you are a resident or on holiday.

Increase your fitness, reshape your body after becoming a mother, enhance your well-being, or train for a specific event -- no matter what your goal you can achieve it and enjoy the experience.

„The best thing we can do to improve our health, lift our mood and feel fantastic in our bodies is to keep active!“ says Sandra

Sandra is a qualified personal trainer and sport- and gymnastic teacher with more than 25 years experience. Her expertise, knowledge and mastery of multiple styles of training allow her to tailor programmes to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Every workout is designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring the maximum return on your effort.

Her goal-orientated programmes are available for individuals or groups. They are designed around your holiday, or to fit your long-term training goals.

One-to-one training is tailored to the individual, giving you Sandra's undivided attention for 60 or 90 minutes. Whether in a group or one-to-one, Sandra's energy, empathey and expertise make training fun and effective.

Group options make exercises even more fun by visiting a group class, or gather your friends and book one of the many classes Sandra offers, such as Piloxing, Step Aerobics, Toned & Fit, B.E.A.C.H. Body Challenge, Energy Flow, XBT and more. Group sessions last 75 or even 90 minutes. Classes are the perfect chance to bond with friends, meet wonderful new people, and have fun together while training. The diverse range of classes means there is something for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, as well as unique summer and winter programmes.

Sport programmes designed to meet your aims and needs!

Personal Training Ibiza

Sandra creates bespoke training to deliver exceptional results. Invest in yourself with a fitness programme designed for your body and lifestyle, delivered at your home or the location of your choice, guided by a professional who is totally focused on helping you achieve success. You will experience the life-changing benefits of wellness and self-confidence. Personal training is ideal for weight loss, to shape your body after giving birth, for pregnancy, and for the elderly.


Mama Fitness Ibiza

Pregnancy is a special time that calls for special training. Discover the power and potential of your body with tailored training from Sandra, an expert in prenatal and postnatal fitness.

Boost your energy, metabolism and mood during pregnancy with light and easy prenatal fitness classes to keep your muscles, joints and deep tissue strong and elastic. Excercise prepares your body for giving birth and combats common pregnancy issues like back pain and water retention. Mama Fitness helps you understand how your body functions and changes, keeping you calm and confident and giving your baby a healthy start in life.

After your baby arrives, Sandra's unique post-natal fitness training helps rejuvinate and reshape your body. Her approach considers all the elements of fitness including flexibility, balance, and strength, as well as working on specific areas such as your thighs and tummy.


Fit over 60

helps improve and maintain mental and physical flexibility and strength. Sandra takes into account the specific needs and requirements of the age group.


Weight loss, nutrition and training

Get the body you want with cardio training and muscle building to reduce fat and reshape your figure. Escape the yo-yo diet cycle and learn to reduce body fat gradually so you can keep the weight off forever.

Sandra takes into account your specific needs and psychology to help change your relationship to food and your body. Her expert advice will help you find the ideal balance of exercise, nutrition and self-care to achieve lasting results.

Learn about the importance of sleep, stress, detoxing and more as Sandra guides your weight loss journey.

Explore the latest fitness trends with Sandra!


Piloxing is the hot Hollywood favourite. A non-stop mix of cardio training, Pilates, and boxing it is a total body workout for a sleek, strong and sexy you!

XBT an innovate, mobile and versatile new exercise machine suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It pumps your cardio system and builds strength to rapidly boost your metabolism. You feel the difference in just 20 minutes with this intense, full-body functional workout.

Powerbands, blackroll and more. From releasing your fascia, to balance, to strength training, Sandra offers a myriad of techniques and tools to hone your body.

Summer- and winter programmes

Get the most out of SUMMER with the B.E.A.C.H. Body Challenge or aquatraining.

The B.E.A.C.H. Body Challenge takes you outdoors to train on Ibiza's stunning beaches or in the beautiful countryside. Twice a week Sandra gives an intense 90 minute session with exercises for fat-burning, toning and body shaping, combined with practical information about nutrition.

Activate your metabolism with joint-friendly aquatraining. Exercising in water offers great resistance, stimulates your lymph system for a super detox, and massages your skin and muscles. Cooling, refreshing and effective!

WINTER classes include Toned & Fit, Walking and Step Aerobics.

Toned & Fit is indoor training that focuses on cardio and fat-burning. Nature lovers can get their fitness kicks with walking to tone your muscles and crank up your metabolism. Those of you who love a classic tough cardio workout will thrive on step aerobics to burn fat, shape, and boost your cardio system. Whatever your preference, the flow of endorphines from sport will increase your confidence, boost your mood, and make you happy, content and satisfied.

You deserve to look and feel your best. Let Personal Training Ibiza help you achieve your fitness goals and discover the life-changing benefits of health, strength and self-confidence.

Contact Sandra to discuss your personalised training plan...



Sandra offers 3½  day or 7 day retreats with themes such as motivation, weight loss, detox, fitness training or nutrition. Book a retreat for your holiday stay and enjoy the fun, motivation and benefits of training with Sandra at your hotel, finca or private villa. She will tailor the programme to you and your group, ensuring everyone has a fantastic holiday fitness experience.

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